Remarks by Spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning latest comments by Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, while sitting with the Pakistani Prime Minister remarked that he could win the war in Afghanistan by killing ten million Afghans and other such comments.

Trump’s policy that he does not want to play the role of a police officer in Afghanistan and that this war against an entire nation cannot be won so long as they are alive is something positive however his claim that he can wipe out Afghanistan, kill ten million Afghans and win this war through such a method is irresponsible and we condemn it in the strongest terms.

This dream was taken to the grave by Genghis, British and the former Soviet leaders. On the contrary, their Empires were wiped off the face of this earth but the Afghan nation proudly endured and will continue to endure, live and remain proud, Allah willing.

America has never shown restraint in killing the Afghans over the past 18 years and has used all weapons of mass destruction including the Mother Of All Bombs. Yet the 18 years of force proved that the policy of aggression and tyranny is fruitless and demonstrates ignorance regarding why Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires.

We believe that Trump should pay close attention to the actual cause of the problem instead of irresponsible comments and take practical steps towards finding a solution instead of failed policies and impractical hubris.

The believing Afghan nation has upright customs and a clear policy regarding healthy interactions and positive relations therefore it would be wise to focus on finding a peaceful and rational solution and advantage taken of the peaceful negotiation plan offered by the Islamic Emirate that is backed by the entire nation, as acknowledged by yourself.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

20/11/1440 Hijri Lunar

01/05/1398 Hijri Solar                   22/07/2019 Gregorian